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Dentures in Glenmore Park

Dentures are a type of replacement for missing teeth. They are removable and can be reinserted into your mouth whenever you like. Dentures come in two types: complete and partial. They are also often referred to as 'false teeth' or 'plates'

Full dentures are used when all the teeth in the upper or lower (or both) jaws is missing. 

Partial dentures are used to replace missing teeth when you still have some natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures can be made from acylic, metal, or flexible plastic. They stay in your mouth by clipping onto your remaining teeth.

The procedure for making dentures will vary depending on each patient's situation. If you have recently had a tooth removed, generally you will need to wait 2-3 months for the area to heal before any dentures can be made.

At your consultation, Dr Jason will examine your mouth, and any existing teeth you have. If you are needing a partial denture, your natural teeth and gums must be in a good condition to be able to support the denture as it will clip onto your existing teeth. If you require a full denture, your gums and soft tissues will be examined to ensure they are healthy prior to the denture making process.

Once you are ready to start the denture making process, Dr Jason will take a digital scan of your mouth, or a physical mould or impression will be taken. Your jaw bite and jaw relation will be measured, before these measurements are sent to our dental lab. The next appointment will be to try the denture frame and teeth in the mouth, and make sure everything fits well, feels comfortable and looks good. Once this is done, the denture can be completed and you will have your new smile.

With new dentures you will need to take time to get used to them and it is not uncommon for them to be slightly uncomfortable and require adjustment before you can use them day to day

It is a good idea to clean your dentures following every meal. You can do this with the use of a denture brush and a good denture cleaner together with lukewarm water. Excessive pressure could break dentures, ensure not to drop or damage the dentures.

What are dentures?

How are dentures made?

Caring for your dentures

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