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Teeth Whitening Glenmore Park

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted your smile to be brighter? If so, you are far from alone. Teeth whitening is an extremely popular cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed at home in our Glenmore Park clinic.

Teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Some people's teeth become stained because they drank beverages like coffee, tea or red wine. Smokers typically find that their teeth become discolored over time, while some people have stained teeth due to the use of certain antibiotics.

At Glenmore Park Dental, Dr Jason offers both take home whitening and in chair whitening, providing you have had a general examination and your teeth are free from dental problems. Your teeth must also be suitable for teeth whitening and you should have realistic expectation of the results. Teeth whitening is only suitable for natural healthy tooth structure, and is not suitable for decayed or demineralised tooth surfaces, or deep intrinsic staining, or any teeth that have had fillings previously. If teeth whitening is not suitable, alternatives to consider would be dental veneers.

This involves taking a mould of your teeth from which custom whitening trays are made. You will be provided with 9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel from SDI POLA which is an Australian company based in Melbourne. Unlike beauty salons or teeth whitening booths at shopping centres, we don't provide lower concentration gels or unregulated whitening gels from overseas.

Dr Jason combines in chair whitening with a take home kit to allow maximum results. The in chair procedure involves firstly polishing any plaque or staining from the surfaces of the teeth, followed by applying a gingival barrier to protect the gums from the whitening gel. Dr Jason uses 38% Hydrogen Peroxide, which is the highest legal concentration only a registered dentist can provide. The procedure takes around 60mins and you will be provided with a take home kit to top up the whitening effect and maintain your new bright smile.

Whitening Toothpaste

It's hard to beat professional teeth whitening, but some people have been helped by using whitening toothpaste for very mild tooth discoloration. It can also be used to maintain an already bright smile. What you want to look for in the ingredient list is something called hydrogen peroxide, which is what actually whitens the teeth.

Although whitening toothpaste may help some people, do not expect dramatic results. Toothpaste by itself is not usually strong enough to achieve significant results.

Teeth Whitening Strips

This is a type of kit that you can buy and use at home. It typically offers faster results than whitening toothpaste because the bleaching solution remains on your teeth longer. These products are widely available and easy to use.

One problem with teeth whitening strips is that everyone has teeth that are shaped somewhat differently.

Unfortunately, the strips are of a uniform shape, meaning that tiny gaps may be present that lead to uneven whitening results.

Whitening Pens and Brush-On Gels

Pens and gels have the advantage of offering more control so that you can precisely target each tooth. One disadvantage is that many of these products have an unpleasant taste. Also, since they often contain minimal hydrogen peroxide, results are often lackluster.

Reach Out

If you are unhappy with your smile due to discoloration and stains, please schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Glenmore Park Dental to brighten your teeth and boost your self-esteem.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Take Home Teeth Whitening

In Chair Teeth Whitening

What are alternatives to professional teeth whitening?

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