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Dr Jason Lau Glenmore Park Dentist

Meet Our Team

Dr Jason Lau

Dr Jason Lau

Owner and Principal Dentist

Bachelor of Dental Surgery – The University of Adelaide


Hi! I’m Dr Jason Lau. I’m the owner and principal dentist here at Glenmore Park Dental on The Lakes Drive. I’m very proud of our team and family practice that we have created here in Glenmore Park. I love being a dentist, and I knew it was a career I wanted to pursue since high school when I did work experience at my local dental surgery. I was amazed at how fixing teeth and making them look nice, allowed patients to smile with confidence and filled them with so much happiness.

I graduated from The University of Adelaide in 2014 and I lived and worked in the rural town of Cowra in central western NSW for 5 years, forming a close bond with the community there, and I even featured on the front page of the local paper for performing CPR and saving man’s life. That is one of my most memorable moments. I was lucky to work with a great team there and being in a rural clinic, I gained a wealth of experience in all things dental, as well as experiencing a lifestyle that was very different from city life that I was used to.

I’ve also worked in a practice in Sydney that offered cheaper or discount so called ‘no gap’ dentistry. At this clinic I unfortunately saw the side of dentistry that gives us a bad name. Appointments were rushed, patients were unhappy and I was constantly pressured by the owners to ‘sell’ more unnecessary dental treatment to make up for the low cost of ‘no gap’ or $99 checkup and clean appointments. I found it completely unethical to do this to my patients and so I left this practice soon after.

These experiences motivated me to purchase Glenmore Park Dental from the then owner Dr Jan Rosa, who was a well-respected dentist in the area. Since I took over the practice in 2019, I have worked hard with my amazing team to transform the clinic with new modern equipment, a complete overhaul of our treatment and sterilisation processes, and have achieved full QIP Accreditation. I now pride myself in taking the time to perform only high quality and comprehensive dental treatment for my patients, and tailoring treatment options to each person’s specific needs and requirements.

Here at Glenmore Park Dental, your oral health and dental treatment will be explained fully to you with photos so you can see what I can see. I will never pressure you into doing any treatment that you are uncomfortable with, and I will never try and ‘sell’ you any unnecessary treatment. I do everything to the best of my ability, and I take the time to make sure your treatment not only is done properly and to a high standard, but that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout. You might even look forward to visiting the dentist!

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