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Glenmore Park Dentist Fees

Dental Fees

At Glenmore Park Dental, we are proud to have earned our reputation as the most genuine and honest dental practice in Glenmore Park, delivering high quality comprehensive dental care that lasts. Part of our commitment to our openness and honesty is to be transparent with the cost of dental treatment and the fees that we charge. We list our fees publicly and openly to help you plan for the cost of dental treatment. Please be aware that unlike other dental practices, we only do high quality and comprehensive thorough treatments, and so we do not offer cheap or discount $99 introductory checkup and cleans or ‘no gap’ appointments, only to then sell you unnecessary or expensive dental treatments later. When comparing our fees please keep in mind we believe the quality in dental care you receive will be of a much higher quality.

Prior to the commencement of any dental treatment, we can provide an itemised estimate of the fees involved, along with specific item codes that your health fund will provide a rebate for. We have listed the most common dental treatments and item codes below, however please note that these are indicative only and each patient’s treatment plan will differ depending on personal circumstances. Feel free to compare the fees with quotes for another dentist if you have a treatment plan already, however please remember there may be differences in the treatment plan offered and the item numbers used may be different.


Consulation about a single tooth or single problem  - $90 – 143

This service is to examine or consult about a single tooth or problem you may have, and includes any xrays or 3D xrays that are required to make a diagnosis. You will be presented with treatment options and if possible we can perform treatment at the same appointment time permitting, or reschedule for another appointment if you wish to think about your options.


Initial Full Consultation or Comprehensive Oral Examination  -  $160 Flat Fee

60min service which includes Comprehensive oral examination of all teeth, periodontal analysis, oral cancer check, bitewing radiographs/xrays, OPG or 3D CBCT xray, full treatment planning.


Comprehensive Oral Examination + Scale and Clean  - $285 Flat Fee

1hour 15min service which includes your comprehensive oral examination of all teeth with xrays and services listed above, Plus a Scale and clean, or removal of calculus. The scale and clean will involve removal of plaque and tartar/calculus buildup from all teeth and polishing external stains. A Fluoride application of 22600PPM fluoride gel after the cleaning helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent sensitivity and future decays. This fluoride gel is 22.6X the concentration of fluoride compared to home applications of 1000PPM toothpaste or mouthwash.


Recall hygiene/maintenance checkup and clean between 6-12 months since initial visit  - $176

Your routine checkup and clean or periodic examination and hygiene appointment. Usually scheduled 6 – 12 months after your initial or first comprehensive oral examination. Includes a checkup to ensure there are no changes in your oral health, and a scale and clean to remove any plaque or tartar deposits and ensure your teeth and gums are maintained, and fluoride treatment. Xrays are usually not required at this appointment unless you have a specific problem.


Recall hygiene/maintenance checkup and clean between 12-36months since initial visit $176 - $285

Your routine checkup and clean or periodic examination and hygiene appointment that is performed 12 – 36 months after your initial or first comprehensive oral examination. Includes your checkup to ensure no changes your oral health, and scale and clean and fluoride. Updated xrays may be required however this will depend on each patient’s individual risk as determine by Dr Jason.


Fillings including xray $250-550

White fillings or restoration to repair decayed or cracked teeth or to replace old defective fillings. This cost includes the limited examination and xrays required prior to treatment. Costs will vary depending on the tooth, and size of filling required.


Extraction including xray   $350-650

Tooth extraction or removal of tooth. Includes the limited examinations and xrays required prior to treatment. Costs will vary depending on difficulty of treatment. Wisdom tooth extraction costs will be slightly higher, between $450-750 per tooth including examination and xray.


Root canal treatment including xray and 3D CBCT xray   $1800-2600

Root canal treatment involves cleaning and shaping the nerve canal in the tooth to remove pain or infection and occurs over multiple appointments. Costs will vary depending on the tooth and the number of nerves that the tooth has. This costs includes the examination and xrays required, however excludes the final crown that is required to protect the tooth after the root canal is completed. You will be given a treatment estimate or quotation specific to your situation in the event that you require root canal treatment.


Crown   from $1600

Crown is a monolithic ceramic or porcelain restoration that is cemented or ‘capped’ over a tooth to replace missing tooth structure or prevent cracking of the tooth. This fee is inclusive of the crown only and does not include any preparation of the tooth prior to the crown, for example removal of decay or old broken fillings or any root canal treatment that is required prior to crown placement. You may choose to have a gold crown placed instead of ceramic for an additional fee.


Implants    from $4500

Implant is a titanium screw with a ceramic crown to replace a single missing tooth. This fee includes the surgical guide, insertion of the titanium implant screw or fixture, and the final ceramic crown. This fee does not include the consultation or xrays require prior to treatment, or any post operative maintenance costs.


Teeth Whitening In Chair with take home kit $600

60minute in chair teeth whitening with 38% hydrogen peroxide, followed by take home kit with custom made trays, and 10 syringes of 9.5% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.


Teeth Whitening take home kit $400

Take home kit with custom made trays, and 10 syringes of 9.5% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.

Nightguard / occlusal splint  $500

Custom made nightguard worn over the upper teeth to protect teeth from wear or cracks during night or sleep clenching or grinding.

How much does it cost to visit the dentist?

Below is a list of commonly used item codes that may appear on your treatment quotation or receipt. It is important to note the combination of item codes may differ as different treatments may include multiple codes, therefore this list should only be used as a guide and not a formal quote or estimate of fees.

For example, a scale and clean or removal of calculus is not a standalone treatment and must be combined with a comprehensive or periodic oral examination. Multiple item codes will appear on your receipt - eg 012, 114, 121

Dental Item Code Fee List

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